Radiant Barrier

energy savers insulation radiant barrier4Radiant heat from the sun can super-heat your attic and put more demand on your air conditioning and entire HVAC system, usually during peak hours in the summer when energy costs are highest. In addition to raising your utility bill, this heat also forces the unit to work harder during the hottest times of day and can lessen its lifespan.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, installing radiant barriers in attics can lower home cooling costs by as much as 10%. Some studies show that their efficiency lets homeowners install smaller air conditioning systems that cost less to run.

High-Quality Radiant Barrier Products and Expert, Certified Installation. Energy Savers Insulation installs radiant barriers made from high-quality reflective materials that won’t rip, rust, or oxidize.

Radiant barriers should be installed where they will provide the maximum benefit. We recommend installing them directly on attic trusses to minimize any dust accumulation, which will reduce the materials’ ability to block heat. (We also have yet to meet a homeowner willing to dust the attic.) This placement will not compromise your roof in any way.

Because radiant barrier materials are reflective and conduct electricity, it’s very important to avoid contact with any bare wiring during installation. For that reason, we agree with the Department of Energy that a certified installer should always be used. The Building Performance Institute for radiant barrier installation certifies our installers.