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Energy-Efficient Windows Protect Your Wallet

Energy-efficient windows are the money-saving home improvement you need right away. After a long Utah winter with high heating bills, this spring is the perfect time to finally schedule that whole-home window replacement project that’s overdue.

It’s estimated that windows are the cause of up to 25 percent of all lost energy in a home. When you install new, energy-efficient windows, you’re adding to the value of your home and you’re reducing the flow of cash to the utility company.

Don’t Settle for Less and Don’t Pay for More

Don’t you want to feel comfortable in your home? In the dead of winter, you ache to feel toasty warm. In the heat of summer, you crave cool. But because your utility bills run so high, you’re forced to settle for less heat and less cooling.

It’s possible to enjoy your target temperature while staying at or below your energy bill budget. But first you need to address the main problem — you’re likely losing a significant amount of hot or cold air through your windows.

Reduce the Stress on Your HVAC

Not only will energy-efficient windows be good for your finances when it comes to utility bills, they will also help extend the life of your HVAC system. When the system has less work to do, the parts don’t wear as quickly. You can expect to get more out of your investment.

Guard Against UV-Ray Damage

The coatings on energy-efficient windows limit UV-ray infiltration, which protects your furniture and carpets from fading. It can also limit damage to wood floors and electronic screens.

Enjoy the Quiet

Newer windows are thicker and better-insulated. If you live on a high-traffic street, you will notice an immediate difference in the noise level. A double-paned vinyl window will block much more traffic noise than an old single-paned window.

It All Comes Down to Installation

Replacement windows can help increase your comfort level in your home and save you money in multiple ways, but if they aren’t installed correctly, you won’t see any of these benefits.

Hire a trusted window installation contractor to do the job. You will get the maximum energy efficiency rating out of your new windows when you trust the licensed, certified installation team at Energy Savers.

Your aging windows aren’t getting any more effective. It’s time to invest in energy-efficient windows that look beautiful and pay you back, starting this month. Call Energy Savers today to learn more about the products we carry and how we can help you save even more with tax credit guidance and information. Now is the time to update your windows and improve your whole-home energy efficiency.

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