Energy Assessment

welcome_imgOur energy Auditors are BPI certified. Not only do we understand what your home needs to be more efficient, but also the most cost effective way to get you there. The initial investment in the home energy assessment will add peace of mind, and pay dividends on future energy savings by suggested improvements. For a no obligation appointment to discuss energy options call us at 801-614-0606.

What is an Energy Assessment?

A BPI certified auditor comes to your house and performs a variety of tests on the home

The Blower door test is a major part of every energy assessment.

The Blower door test is a major part of every energy assessment.

to see how energy efficient it is. Energy efficient homes take less money to heat and cool, which means less money spent in monthly energy bills. We perform non-invasive tests on the home that will take up to 3 hours, and we leave the home in the same condition as when we arrive.

Part of the home energy assessment includes air flow analysis, thermal imaging, insulation examination, as well as appliance assessment. Once our Energy assessment is complete, we take the data collected and put together a report, which overviews areas where improvement can be made.

Who needs an Energy Assessment

  • Homes built before 2000 wanting to save money on their utility bills.
  • Homes that are drafty and inefficient.
  • Any homeowner that is thinking about replacing windows, furnace, hot water heater or appliances.
  • Any home without wall insulation or insufficient attic insulation. Most homes built before 1970 have no wall insulation!
  • Anyone interested in seeing how energy efficient their home is.

An Energy Assessment Will Pay for Itself!

  • We will customize a package for your home detailing the most cost effective ways to reduce your utility bills. You can make your money back in less than 3-5 years!
  • Utility rates are on the rise! Now is the time to permanently reduce your bills.
  • Homes built before 2000 are paying 25%-40% too much on their utility bills.
  • We will show you how to use current utility rebates and federal programs to cover up to 80% of the costs!

We assess the home as a system, and make suggestions for improvement based on the effectiveness of the system. We also keep up on the latest energy incentives offered so we can help guide you through the process of saving while you are improving. With our help, clients have been able to get major energy improvements on their home for thousands less than it would traditionally cost.

Thermal Imaging allows us to quickly see cold places in a home where more insulation would help.

Schedule Your Energy assessment

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