About Us

Energy Savers Insulation is based in Layton, Utah, and serves the Wasatch Front/Salt Lake City region. Our services share a common goal: to make houses more energy-efficient and help our customers lower their energy bills.

We offer energy audits performed by Building Performance Insitute (BPI)-certified auditors to help homeowners understand how they can improve their energy efficiency, why air leaks and how insufficient insulation raises their energy bills. We also educate customers about how these problems can be addressed.

Energy-Saving Services. Our professional, BPI-certified experts offer these services to help you maximize your energy dollar:

  • Solar Panel installation
  • Insulation for attics, walls, and ducts
  • Air Sealing
  • Radiant Barrier installation
  • Air Filtration
  • Energy Assessments

We provide project estimates at no cost to you.

Rebates for Energy-Efficient Products. Did you know that you can get paid to insulate your attic, walls, and ducts? The Utah Utility Rebate Program allows Utah residents to claim two rebates each year for these and other energy efficient technologies and products homeowners purchase to lower their energy use. Energy audits are also eligible for rebates.

Solar Incentives. In addition to the rebate program above, Utah offers a tax credit up to $2000 for solar adopters, and the federal government a 30% tax credit.

Don’t let your home continue to cost you more than it should. Contact Energy Savers today to schedule a no-obligation audit and get more information about our energy-boosting services.