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5 Reasons to Replace Your Furnace Filter

Replacing your furnace filter is a regular chore, not something you do once a year or less.

According to Energy Star, you should check your furnace filter every month, especially during high heating and cooling seasons. If your furnace filter looks dirty, change it!

A fresh, clean filter provides five important benefits.

1. Makes Your HVAC Last Longer

Did you know an HVAC system breakdown is most often caused by a dirty filter?

When air is unable to pass through the filter due to built-up dirt, lint and dust, the system’s motor has to work harder than normal to facilitate airflow. Your system will run nonstop. It could even overheat.

Changing the furnace filter regularly means your HVAC operates at maximum efficiency, and you’re much less likely to have to handle premature breakdowns and costly repairs.

2. Makes Your HVAC More Effective

If you want a refreshingly cool house in the summer and a toasty warm house in the winter, it’s vital to change the furnace filter regularly. Even a top-of-the-line HVAC unit won’t be able to deliver the airflow you need with a clogged filter. Make filter changing a regular practice — it helps you stay more comfortable in your home.

3. Decreases Pet Dander

If you have a pet, stick to the strict once-a-month filter-change schedule. Animal hair can easily block an HVAC system and prevent it from functioning properly. Additionally, when pet hair gets into the system, allergens spread throughout the home.

4. Improves Whole-House Air Quality

Besides keeping a handle on pet hair, a fresh filter makes the whole house smell better. The air you breathe is healthier and safer. If you or a family member has a respiratory condition like asthma, high -quality air is essential to healthy living. It’s a worthwhile investment.

5. Saves Money on Energy Bills

If your HVAC system isn’t overworking itself to keep your home at the right temperature, your energy bills will be lower. For the minor cost of a clean monthly air filter, you can reduce spending in a major way when it comes to your utility budget, plus reap all the other benefits a clean furnace filter can provide.

Depend on Us

At Energy Savers, we’re all about saving money through increased home-energy efficiency. We can show you where your furnace filter is and walk you through the safe steps of swapping dirty filters out for new ones. In fact, you can order your filters through us and save significantly on the annual cost. Call today for our full pricing information.

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